About Knightswood

Knightswood Holdings Ltd. Is a subsidiary company of Cannabis Wheaton Income Corp., a publicly traded company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX.V-CBW) Knightswood was the first of only two Canadian public companies approved to establish subsidiary businesses for the purpose of facilitating their debt offerings. To date we have formed over 25 subsidiaries.

Knightswood entered the merchant banking business in 1998. Because its clients are subsidiaries of a public company, their debt securities are eligible for registered plans. A registered plan is a registered retirement savings plan, registered education savings plan, registered retirement income fund, or a tax-free savings account.

The businesses of the subsidiaries operate independently of Knightswood, which does not guarantee and is not otherwise responsible for any of the debts of its subsidiaries. Knightswood's agreement restricts its profits to the fees charged to each subsidiary and limits its risk to the value of its investment in the subsidiary. Knightswood does not share in the profits or losses of its subsidiaries or consolidate their financial statements.

To date the subsidiaries of Knightswood have independently raised more than $300 million from registered plans. It's important to note that the management of each subsidiary uses the capital raised to implement its own business plan without input from Knightswood.