We Believe Partnering Builds a Better Solution

Knightswood Holdings Ltd. works with its professional partners to build a better solution for private companies to provide them the ability to issue debt that is Registered Savings Plans eligible. We are proud to be working alongside our professional partners which include:

Our Partners Assisting Private Companies

Shea Nerland Calnan LLP

Working with our clients through integrity and innovation to unlock value otherwise unattainable by providing business law and tax law services.

Radar Capital Inc.

Focused on investing growth equity into Canadian private companies to meet the needs of companies in search of a partner that can work with them towards a successful liquidity event.

Western Pacific Trust Company

Offering trustee services for self-administered tax deferred registered plans (RRSPs, LIRAs, RIFs, LIFs) and TFSAs in which to hold qualified private investments on a competitive, responsive and knowledgeable basis.

Computershare Trust Company of Canada

Providing “Private Capital Solutions” which includes account administration and trustee services for private securities in Tax Free Savings Accounts (“TFSA”) and Registered Retirement Savings Plans (“RRSP”), as well as shareholder register and debt trustee services for private issuers.

Qwest Investment Management Corp.

Connecting private companies with capital market solutions.

Metiquity Merchant Group

Accelerating growth in our clients’ businesses by providing one place to access all the expertise needed to successfully raise private equity investment.

Base10 Investment Research

Protecting investors in privately held securities by empowering them to make smart, informed investment decisions that protect their best interests.

Clark Wilson LLP

Working with developers and investment groups in residential, mixed use and commercial projects matching equity with real estate through syndicated limited partnerships/mortgages, public company debt structures, MICs, private investment trusts/mortgage trusts, and a publicly-traded investment trust.